The Scottish Building Apprenticeship and Training Council (SBATC) is committed to enhancing the prospects of Building Craft Apprentices and ensuring fair compensation for their hard work. Starting from Monday, 2 October 2023, SBATC has established new hourly wage rates for Building Craft Apprentices while they are registered with SBATC. These rates are as follows:

The SBATC apprenticeship pay promulgation can be accessed here: SBATC Apprentice Rates of Pay – Monday 2 October 2023

The agreement amalgamates the two-stage approach recently promulgated through the CIJC Working Rule Agreement (6% uplift in July 2023 followed by a 1.5% increase in January 2024 for Craftspeople and General Labourers) into one single uplift of 7.5% for apprentices as a one-year agreement.

This approach will simplify arrangements for apprentices, avoiding multiple uplifts across the year, whilst also allowing apprentices to benefit from the full 7.5% from early October rather than having to wait until January for the final instalment.

The promulgation includes a ready reckoner table to support employers to understand their National Minimum Wage responsibilities for apprentices with rates of pay detailed for each year of apprenticeship dependent on the apprentice’s age.

4-Year Apprentice Wages:

Apprentice Age 18 or below 19 – 20 21 – 22 23 and over
1st Year £5.68 £5.68 £5.68 £5.68
2nd Year £7.02 £7.49 £10.18 £10.42
3rd Year £9.32 £9.32 £10.18 £10.42
4th Year £11.32 £11.32 £11.32 £11.32